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Get off the grid. Visit Ocean House, our luxurious new fly-in only west coast wilderness lodge.


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Choose the eco-cultural adventure that is right for you. Explore our beautiful archipelago with 3, 4, 7 or 10-night packages (all inclusive from Haida Gwaii) that embrace the Haida culture and guide you through the rugged terrain of the east coast shoreline and vast forests.


It’s time for a vacation. Journey to the edge of the world and trace the footsteps of the past, guided by cultural interpreters and guides. For three days, experience the natural wonder of Haida Gwaii and learn the story of our people. Escape to Haida House, return to nature.

Package Rate: $2,125/Guest

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Ready yourself for a culture packed, fully guided experience that includes interpretive totem pole tours, forest hikes, a traditional Haida dinner, a marine excursion to the Haida village site of Skedans, and much more.

Package Rate: $3,755/Guest

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Prepare for a week of fascination, exhilaration, and the best of Haida Gwaii - including the SGang Gwaay Unesco World Heritage Site. Immerse yourself in stories of the past, learn about native traditions, and absorb captivating Haida culture while allowing yourself to recalibrate in some of the most beautiful Island settings.

Package Rate: $5,197/Guest

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7-NIGHT PACKAGE (Both Lodges)

Discover more of Haida Gwaii’s captivating landscape with this ultimate eco-tourist adventure package. Begin your vacation at our floating wilderness lodge Ocean House at Stads K’uns GawGa, on the west coast and enjoy 3 nights engulfed by nature, followed by 4 nights immersed in culture at Haida House at Tllaal.

Starting at $8,810/Guest
Includes Round-Trip Air From Vancouver BC

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10-NIGHT PACKAGE (Both Lodges)

This exceptional 10-night all-inclusive package is tailored to visitors with a desire to spend more quality time on Haida Gwaii. Daily activities and tours take on a distinctive pace to ensure the unique flavours of the Islands can be appreciated to their fullest.

Starting at $10,822/Guest
Includes Round-Trip Air From Vancouver BC

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