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Check-in / Check-out times

Check-in at Haida House at Tllaal begins at 3:00 pm and the check-out time is 11:00 am, unless otherwise arranged. Times are the same for both lodge package and cabin stays.


We recommend that you pack casual clothing suitable for the outdoors. Dressing in layers, wearing sturdy trail-walking shoes and carrying a waterproof backpack is ideal for exploring Haida Gwaii’s temperate, yet varying climate. For more packing tips, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Embark on an unforgettable journey to Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.

Our faraway archipelago attracts visitors, from around the world, seeking authentic cultural experiences and sustainable eco-adventures. Travelling here is a wonderous part of the experience.

How to Get Here

Have More Questions?

Packages include transportation within Haida Gwaii, but do not include transportation to Haida Gwaii. Please see our Getting Here page for more information.

All ancient village sites are accessible only by air or water. If you prefer a self-guided excursion, booking chartered transportation must be done well in advance.

Yes! Our 12 new two-bedroom Oceanfront Cabins are opening in summer 2020. Introductory rates for nightly stays start at $449. Learn more.

We do not offer camping at this property. Lodge rooms may be reserved on a 3-, 4-, or 7-night all-inclusive culture and adventure package, and our oceanfront cabins are available on a nightly a la carte basis.

Posted rates for lodge packages (3, 4 or 7-nights) are based on double occupancy, and some of the upgrades we offer are only available to groups of 4 guests or more. On occasion, we will accommodate single person bookings, please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.

Rates for our Oceanfront Cabins are per night, and are not limited to double occupancy.

All marine excursions require the ability to climb in and out of a vessel (cruiser or zodiac) and on to the shore; as many ancient villages do not have docks and are only accessible by ‘beaching’ the vessel. The paths at the village sites are generally rugged and cannot accommodate wheeled walkers adequately. We recommend walking sticks or canes for those with concerns about maintaining balance on uneven ground. We can also experience rapid weather changes when on the open sea (wind) and the Zodiac excursions may be problematic for people with back, hip or heart ailments.

To fully appreciate the nature of our cultural and marine excursions, we recommend children be a minimum of nine-years old.

While we love animals, we are unable to accommodate pets of any kind in our lodge due to the layout of the public areas, potential allergy issues with other guests and the number of deer roaming freely on our property. Thank-you kindly for your understanding.

There are a number of logistical and weather-related factors that may impact your travel arrangements to Haida Gwaii. We highly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance to protect against any unforeseen cancellations. Additionally, we suggest that all visitors hold standard travel health insurance.

It is highly recommended that guests check their medical insurance coverage in case of required off-Island emergency care (helicopter to Rupert hospital for example). Consider bringing all medications or dietary aids (e.g. diabetic or gluten-free or lactose-free snacks) with you. Haida Gwaii does not have any big box stores or large pharmacies. If you have food allergies or sensitivities, we will do our utmost to offer menus to suit your personal needs. Please be aware that the main staple on Haida Gwaii is seafood and is featured prominently on local menus.

We recommend dressing in layers, and for comfort. Suitcase suggestions include, a fleece vest or coat, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, a small rainproof backpack, a light rain jacket or windbreaker, proper footwear (light hiking-style for the forest and sandals or water shoes for the beach), warm socks, a personal refillable water bottle (tap water is potable), sunglasses, gloves, hat or toque, bug spray, sunscreen and personal toiletry items. Bring all medications and dietary aids with you. Dress is casual at the lodge and formal attire is not needed on Haida Gwaii.

Don't forget your camera, laptop, tablet adapters and charging cables as there are no retail shops on Haida Gwaii offering such items. Guests often bring additional camera memory chips to back up their photos. Please also bring all medications or dietary aids with you, as Haida Gwaii does not have any big box stores or large pharmacies.

Some artisans are unable to accept debit or credit card payments and its recommended to have cash on hand for small gifts or gratuities when required. Please note that there are no bank machines in Tlell.

We recommend dressing in layers to easily adjust to the variety of weather patterns we encounter (light to heavy rainfall, sun, fog, wind), which can quickly change from one end of the Island to the other. Days and nights are typically mild to warm from May through September.

For more information on Haida House weather visit: https://www.tide-forecast.com/locations/Queen-Char...

The Haida House gift shop features local Haida giftware, jewellery and art, as well as waterproof backpacks, hike appropriate clothing and more.

Wifi is available at the resort in the lodge common areas, however due to our remote location, the connection may not be the same high-speed quality that’s standard in larger city centres. Please note that cell service is not available in Tlell.

Check-in is at 3pm and check-out is 11am, unless otherwise arranged.

Haida House at Tllaal is accessible by car and we provide complimentary guest parking. All-inclusive packages include round-trip transfers between our property and the Skidegate ferry landing, as well as both airports, however transport to Haida Gwaii is not included. Public transportation is not available on Haida Gwaii. Learn How to Get Here.

Gratuities are not expected but gratefully accepted. All-inclusive package guests customarily prefer to leave a gratuity upon departure, rather than leaving a token of gratitude for each meal and guided excursion. In this event, the gratuity will be shared among the Haida House team.

Beyond the resort, tipping is customary for tour guides, fishing guides, dining/bar and housekeeping staff. This typically varies from 12% to 20% depending on the service or performance quality.

Haidas are a generally quiet and humble People. Haidas are strong believers in giving. Culturally, wealth is measured by how much one gives, not how much one owns.

Please ask your Cultural Interpreter about taking photos of poles or private homes. If you wish to capture a Haida citizen (any age) or a Haida artist working, please first ask for permission. Most will grant consent, especially if asked, unless there is a copyright issue to respect. If posting photos publicly or reproducing for blogs, it is requested that, out of respect, you do not digitally alter the colours of old poles. Please note that the Kay Heritage Centre does not permit any photography inside the museum.

Did you know that in Haida culture, songs belong to certain clans? If one wants to sing or record a Haida song, one has to receive ‘permission’ from the elders of the clan to which the song belongs. In this era of social media sharing, it has become increasingly difficult for artists to retain copyright on their creations. Like Music; Art belongs to the artist and should be respected in photo reproductions, please do your part in preserving truth: please do not reproduce the art for graphic purposes unless you receive written permission from the artist or the clan.

Prices may be discussed, but please avoid ‘bartering’. Haida art is a time-honoured tradition and valued at various artistic levels. Many Haida artists will accept to do commissioned works of art. The Haida House Manager or the Director of Guest Services are able to connect you with local artists and help broach the dynamics of pricing.

So much information in so little time! It took centuries to pass down Haida traditions and the elders this wealth of knowledge orally or through storytelling. It is said that those allowed to pass forward this important non-written knowledge were told to listen to the entire story without interruption. They were to focus on what was being said, as there was order and meaning to every detail of the story. The storyteller is responsible for repeating history accurately; the way it was told originally. Any interruptions and the train of thought is broken. In other words, kindly hold your questions until after the interpretation or when asked by your guide.

If while visiting a studio or carving shed, you engage the working artists or carvers in a conversation about their work, please consider leaving a small token of your appreciation for them taking the time out of their work schedule to chat. There usually is a donation jar on site.

Xaayda Haida means People. Gwaay.yaay Gwaii means Islands. Therefore, Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Haida Gwaii means Islands of the People. Gwaii Haanas means Islands of Beauty. The Haida are a Nation unto themselves. Our language has two main dialects that have some similarities but many differences as well. These are Xaayda Kil Skidegate dialect and Xaad Kil Old Massett dialect.

During your visit to Haida Gwaii, you are bound to hear haawa (Xaayda Kil Skidegate dialect) and haw’aa (Xaad Kil Old Massett dialect) often. This means thank you.

“Indigenous” is the modern acceptable reference for First Peoples/Nations. Kindly refrain from using the term “Indian”, as it is not geographically correct.

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