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Haida Gwaii is Like No Destination You’ve Ever Visited

February 20, 2020


Haida Gwaii Coast

Imagine wandering through the ancient village of HlGaagilda Skidegate, with totem poles all around you telling the vibrant story of the Haida people – both heartbreaking and inspiring. Your Cultural Interpreter leads you to Agate Beach in Naikoon Provincial Park, whose vast sands are covered in millions of brilliantly hued stones, pebbles and agates. Then, you hike up Tow Hill – an iconic landmark prominent in traditional Haida stories – marching through dense coastal forest as birds sing around you, before emerging at the summit to face dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean. Now, imagine your journey is just beginning – that tomorrow you’ll awake for another day in Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Haida Gwaii, the secluded archipelago on the westernmost edge of British Columbia that has been home to the Haida First Nation since time immemorial.

Haida Gwaii is abound with authentic experiences, many of which are purposefully incorporated into Haida House at Tllaal’s comprehensive three-, four- and seven-night all-inclusive packages. These holistic experiences invite travellers not only to stay at the Haida House, but also to immerse themselves in the region’s fascinating history and raw beauty. Centrally located on Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Linagwaay Graham Island – the biggest island in the archipelago – the 21-hectare resort sits along the banks of the Tlell River, which flows serenely past the lodge. Throughout the grounds are several surprises and delights to tantalize guests throughout their stay, including a lush apple orchard, dense forest of aromatic cedar and Sitka, and fiery sunrises casting vivid hues of red and orange.

Visitors who prefer to tour at their own speed can book a stay in one of Haida House at Tllaal’s new oceanfront cabins, opening in summer 2020. A short walk from the main lodge, these stunning new spaces offer a private experience where guests can stargaze in their private hot tub; bbq local delicacies in the private courtyard and soak in the dramatic views of Graham Island’s east coast. From here, explorers can also stroll along the river, hike to the Pesuta Shipwreck, wander nearby beaches and visit the flora and fauna in surrounding forests.

Haida Heritage Centre

Home to diverse wildlife and coastal terrain that stretches for endless kilometres, Haida Gwaii is an explorer’s paradise. Visitors seeking an all-encompassing exploration of the region’s many delights can book Haida House at Tllaal’s all-inclusive seven-night package, whose collection of bucket-list adventures includes a zodiac trip to Louise Island’s K’uuna (Skedans) village site, complete with Haida-style beach barbecue; visits with local weavers and carvers in their home studios; interpretive tour of the Golden Spruce Trail, once home to the famed Golden Spruce tree and now carrying haunting stories of its untimely end; and a floatplane excursion to Gwaii Haanas – SGang Gwaay, a designated UNESCO Heritage Site that features monumental standing totem poles, considered among the finest examples of their type in the world.

Whether your visit extends for three, four or seven days, your stay at Haida House at Tllaal will include a private tour of the must-visit Kay Llnagaay Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate, where Haida culture is brought to life in a painstakingly preserved collection of archaeological artefacts, rare documents and photographs, and awe-inspiring carvings of poles and canoes. Through the language, art and stories exhibited here, Haida people celebrate a spiritual connection with the land and sea; Kay Llnagaay teaches visitors these stories, so they can uncover the sacred connection for themselves.

Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Haida Gwaii is a place for true travellers, those who seek authentic experiences and employ every sense to uncover the many personalities of a region. The adventure is yours!


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