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Magical SG̱ang Gwaay: UNESCO World Heritage Site

January 29, 2019

Experience the Living Culture of the Haida

Within the boundaries of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Reserve and Haida Heritage Site remain the village of SGang Gwaay (formerly known by its English name "Ninstints"). The site was occupied year-round until shortly after 1880. What survives is unique in the modern world, a 19th-century Haida village where the ruins of houses and memorial or mortuary poles strikingly illustrate the power and artistry of Haida Society.

SGang Gwaay prominently features the broadest collection of Haida totem poles in their initial locations, many celebrated as great works of art. In longstanding Haida tradition, they are being allowed to succumb to the inevitable natural decay of the lush temperate rainforest climate. This historic site was designated World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 1981.

The site on Anthony Island is extremely remote, and access is only by sea or air from towns in the northern part of Haida Gwaii. Daily visitor numbers are also restricted to carefully protect the park from damage by excessive foot traffic.

Tour SGang Gwaay with Haida House

Haida House is pleased to offer guests the incredible opportunity to visit this magical place as featured in select all-inclusive packages. A tour may also be arranged as a package upgrade by special request (fees apply, subject to availability), but this must be booked in advance - please contact us for details.

The day trip includes the float plane excursion to Anthony Island, zodiac taxi to beach landing site, guided interpretive tour, lunch, and more.

Our Packages

Package availability and access to SGang Gwaay is very limited, so we encourage you to book as early as possible.


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