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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Haida Gwaii

January 30, 2017

Reason #10

Living in the Moment

The tranquility and stillness of Haida Gwaii will have you rediscovering the true meaning of “slowing down” and a sense of “being in the moment.”

Reason #9

Fabulous Food

The eco-conscious “100-mile diet” can be a reality on Haida Gwaii! The nutrient-rich waters offer a diversity of delicacies: salmon, halibut, sea asparagus, herring roe, spot prawns, clams, scallops, geoduck, to name but a few. While the inland regions pride themselves with farm-gate offerings of organic produce, seasonal harvests, exotic mushrooms and natural meat products.

Reason #8

Rich History

Maritime, Forestry and Pioneer museums: fascinating events, stories, tools of Canada’s northwest past are archived in the local museums.

Reason #7

Flora and Fauna

Haida Gwaii is one of the most mysterious and unique environments in North America. Coastal temperate rainforest Isles have evolved here for thousands of years, giving Haida Gwaii the moniker, “the Galapagos of the North.” Haida Gwaii is home to an abundance of wildlife including the largest subspecies of black bear, sea mammals and over 250 bird species including the rare Horned Puffin.

Reason #6

Awe-inspiring Adventures

Whether by helicopter, Zodiak, cabin cruiser or kayak, you are sure to find that adrenalin-rushing experience to make your Haida Gwaii journey complete.

Reason #5

Amazing Art

Visit a studio or carving shed, where the Haida artist in residence can tell you in person the ‘story or legend’ behind his or her creation. And minutes from the Haida House, the community of Tlell is known for its artisans, who produce essential oils, soaps, candles, apparel, jewelery, copper, glass, cedar and lapidary creations from their charming home workshops.

Reason #4

Gwaii Haanas

This National Park Reserve, as well as the Haida protected area - one of the world’s top-rated national parks. The Gwaii Haanas National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and the Haida Heritage Site was established in 2010, currently making it the only place on Earth to be protected from mountain top to sea floor.

Reason #3

Living Culture

Witness firsthand the powerful and dynamic relationship between the land, the sea, and the living culture of the Haida people, where art, culture and heritage sites exist in the same natural settings where the people have lived for thousands of years.

Reason #2

Mother Nature

Become one with nature as you walk through regal old-growth forests; stroll along miles of sandy beaches; visit ancient village sites where nature has overtaken history; hike to the edges of the world; and breathe in the splendour only found in this majestic, magical land.

Reason #1

The People

Befriend a welcoming People whose history is proudly expressed and passed on through its world-renown art, music, dance and oral tradition. The ‘voice’ of the Haida nation is one that will resonate in your soul and will not be soon forgotten.

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