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New Ocean House Lodge Opens in 2018

January 16, 2022

HaiCo Unveils New Cultural Eco-Tourism Lodge on the West Coast of Haida Gwaii: Ocean House at Stads K'uns GawGa (Peel Inlet)

Haida Gwaii, BC — Following the success of HaidaHouse at Tllaal, Haida Enterprise Corporation’s (HaiCo's) first cultural destination lodge, comes the addition of a second resort experience, Ocean House at Stads K'uns GawGa, a 12-room fly-in lodge which will be anchored off the rugged, unprotected and naturally spectacular coast of Haida Gwaii in Peel Inlet, British Columbia. Both properties will be marketed under the Haida House umbrella until a Masterbrand is developed with the involvement of the Haida community.

Ocean House will offer premium retreats that feature unique cultural and eco-adventure all-inclusive packages for savvy visitors who want to experience the untouched, natural habitat of the breathtaking coast of Haida Gwaii like never before. Getaways will focus on connecting with the Haida people and their culture, and be offered in three-, four- and seven-night packages. Highlights include: scenic float plane rides enroute to ancient village sites; a chance to observe the craft of in-residence Haida artists; private forest and nature treks with cultural interpreters and exploring the Haida culture through storytelling, plus much more.

Ocean House is the newest company to be formed under the Haida Enterprise Corporation (HaiCo) umbrella. HaiCo is the business entity of the Haida Nation, which has been a leader in Aboriginal business stewardship, actively promoting and creating well-managed and well-integrated businesses that generate revenue and provide meaningful employment for Haida people.

Ocean House at Stads K'uns GawGa was born out of the desire for us to create a business that would not just provide revenue, but that would support our corporate principle of ensuring that our land and waters function to provide for the long-term wellbeing of the Haida people, ” states Cliff Fregin, Board Chair at HaiCo. “Cultural eco-tourism was a natural extension of everything the Haida people believe in, and offers visitors around the world a rare glimpse into the untouched, rugged archipelago of the islands of Haida Gwaii off the northwest coast of British Columbia.

Guests at the Ocean House will experience a unique location and facility which will strongly reflect the cultural values and elements of the Haida people. It provides guests an opportunity to discover the untouched beauty of a land long inhabited by the Haida, and that has held secrets and mysterious treasures rarely ever seen. The unique cultural experience of the lodge is enhanced by the opportunity to unwind and de-stress in beautiful natural surroundings—whether that is kayaking through gentle waterways, or being pampered in the resort’s own spa and relaxation area.

Bookings are being accepted for the 2018 season for Ocean House and both 2017 and 2018 for Haida House here.

Raven Pearson, a local Haida artist who created the symbol for both properties perhaps best sums up the essence of these unique properties in her explanation behind the logo design , “Rain sustains the world and is the nectar of life on Haida Gwaii. Water keeps the forests lush; the air pure. It fills the rivers for the spawning salmon and feeds the deer, otters, ravens, eagles and bears. Raindrops are forever connected with the ocean in an endless cycle of transformation; ocean, cloud, rain, and river flow. The cycle would be broken without the rain. It replenishes the soul.”



Haida House is a division of the HaiCo group of companies, and operates two eco-tourism resorts, Haida House at Tllaal and Ocean House at Stads K'uns GawGa, both located on Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Offering unique cultural and eco-adventure programs in three-, four- and seven-day packages, these two first-class resorts offer unparalleled access to the remote and breathtaking land of the Haida people.

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