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ACTIVITIES THAT OFFER Spectacular Sights & Adventures ON HAIDA GWAII

Activities & Adventures

As part of our packages, we have included spectacular adventures and activities that embrace the culture of the Haida people and explore the untouched archipelago of Haida Gwaii. Please note that some activities are add-on options that may not be included in your package.

Filter our list of activities and adventures by selecting location and/or package duration.

Alpine Adventure

Located within the Moresby Lake watershed, Takakia Lake is the only alpine lake accessible by floatplane outside of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. Within this rugged alpine setting, you’ll see a series of spectacular cascading waterfalls plunge into Moresby Lake and filter into Mitchell Inlet.

*Ocean House Package Upgrade Only: Add $465/Guest

Guided Rainforest Trek

Trek through a lush canopied rainforest with our knowledgeable guide and witness streams where yet another rich dimension of Mother Nature is featured. Learn about the various plants and flora unique to Haida Gwaii, and take in the quiet and stillness of this exceptional place.

Helicopter Tour

For those looking for added adventure and spectacular sights, guests can choose our coastal helicopter tour of the rugged seascape of Haida Gwaii’s west coast. This one-hour excursion will leave you breathless as you soar atop jagged cliffs, hidden caves, slamming waves and volcanic shores.

*Ocean House Package Upgrade Only: Add $1270/Guest

West Coast Explorer Tour

Connect with the wild world as you head by zodiac into an oasis of waters surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that feature rare geological shorelines dotted by the magical realm of rain forests. Your guide will share stories and legends of the area and open your eyes to some of the hidden treasures of this incredible terrain. This uninhabited region is also home to some exceptionally remarkable wildlife and marine life.

K'uuna Excursion

K’uuna Llnagaay (also known as Skedans) was one of the larger southern villages and was abandoned in the 1880s. A Haida Watchman will walk you through the site and explain what the village once looked like, what the figures on the poles are and how the people lived.

For Haida House guests, the K’unna Excursion will be a tour by zodiac (outerwear provided) and Ocean House guests will access K’uuna by floatplane.

SGang Gwaay Tour

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981, SGang Gwaay (also known as Ninstints) is considered the best preserved of the ancient villages on Haida Gwaii. This site showcases 10,000 years of Haida history and embodies the rugged beauty and rich ecology of the Pacific coastline.

Backcountry Excursion

Your off-road adventure navigates old logging roads en route to a unique view of Masset Inlet and Yakoun River from atop The Ridge. Along the way, your guide will highlight the discovery of an ancient canoe, the vestiges of a logging settlement and the old trestle bridge; which offers a unique opportunity for bear and eagle watching.

*Guest may choose one of either our Backcountry Excursion or Weaving & Language Workshop.

Weaving & Language Workshop

Conducted by our master Haida weaver, our weaving and language workshop will teach you the art of cedar rose making and will introduce light conversation of our isolate Haida language. In addition to the rich cultural experience, the day will also be spent with a local naturalist to learn about the nearby tidal pools and lush forests, including an optional hike to the 1928 Pesuta shipwreck.

*Guest may choose one of either our Backcountry Excursion or Weaving & Language Workshop.

Cultural Day Tour

Embark along a scenic coastal drive that boasts multiple photo-ops of Balance Rock, Jungle Beach and St. Mary’s Springs on the way to the villages of Queen Charlotte and Skidegate. The stunning collection of cultural artifacts at the Kay Llnagaay Heritage Centre and Museum will highlight this culturally loaded day. Your narrative tour concludes with visits to the home studios of local Haida artists.

Yakoun Kayaking

The moderate to experienced kayaker will enjoy spending the day padding with a local guide in Port Clements. These waters are protected and local rivers offer a freshwater kayaking option. As you explore these waters, you will have the opportunity to view varieties of sea and migrant birds, otter, seals, sea lion, whales and of course our very common deer. If time permits, you will also enjoy a brief stop in the quiet hamlet of Tlell for a series of artist studio visits.

Tow Hill, Agate Beach & Old Massett Pole Tour

Highlights of this tour include a visit to the sandy 100km long North Beach which, when conditions are right, boasts a natural tidal blowhole. A boardwalk hike to the top of Tow Hill offer incredible views of endless beaches and Alaskan Islands. After your hike you will experience the stunning collection of 18 totem poles in Old Massett and visit the studios of local Haida artists.

Port Clements & Golden Spruce Hike

Embrace the history and culture of the once thriving logging town of Port Clements, now known for its towering Golden Spruce Trail. During this gentle walk, your guide will explain the tragic story of the ‘felling’ of a rare golden-needled Sitka tree and the resurrection of a sapling that was rescued from the ancient tree.

Traditional Haida Dinner

Prepare your taste buds for a foray of fascinating flavours in the home of a renowned Haida chef. Here you will enjoy a traditional Haida Feast that includes a tapas-style meal featuring local seafood, game meat and forest harvests; all sourced by the chef’s family. Exotic tastes include K’aaw (herring roe on kelp), N’aaw (octopus), Ts'iljii (smoked dried fish), Sgyuu (dried seaweed), smoked salmon, halibut, Saabalii (fry bread) and much more.

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