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We offer 3, 4 and 7-night eco-cultural adventure travel packages that embrace the culture of the Haida people and explore the untouched archipelago of Haida Gwaii. To view our accommodation and adventure rates, we invite you to review our all-inclusive packages.

3-night package

Quintessential Haida Gwaii

Grab your camera, hiking boots and spirit for adventure as we take you on a tour of Haida Gwaii’s west coast brimming with nature and adventure. Our Guided Rainforest Trek will unearth the wonders of our land amidst towering cedars and our West Coast Explorer Tour will showcase awe-inspiring performances of our waters teeming with life.

Starting at $4410/Guest (Airfare included)
OPens 2018

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4-Night Packages

Discover Haida Gwaii

A culturally packed, fully guided experience that includes interpretive pole tours, forest hikes, a traditional Haida feast, a fully interpreted marine excursion to an ancient village site and more. Upon return from your daily activities, your home base awaits you where you can reminiscence about your day on the peaceful Tlell River banks of the Haida House.

Starting at $3755/Guest
(airfare not included)

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Island Explorer Experience

Encounter the magic of Ocean House and immerse yourself in the mystical beauty of old-growth forests, dramatic coastlines, expansive beaches and the living culture of the Haida. In addition to our Guided Rainforest Trek and West Coast Explorer Tour, you’ll enjoy a scenic flight of our rugged shoreline en route to discover the history of the ancient village of K’unna (aka Skedans), guided by a noble Haida Watchman.

Starting at $5880/Guest (airfare included)
Opens 2018

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7-Night Packages

The Best of Haida Gwaii

Prepare for a week of fascination, exhilaration and the best of Haida Gwaii. Immerse yourself into ‘long-ago’ and absorb captivating Haida culture while allowing yourself to recalibrate in some of the most beautiful Island settings. From the breathtaking shores of the northern beaches of Graham Island to the most remote southern coast of Moresby Island at SGang Gwaay (aka Ninstints), this package will enchant and satisfy every culture and adventure enthusiast.

Starting at $5197/Guest
(airfare not included)

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Haida House at Tllaal &
Ocean House at Stads K’uns GawGa

The Ultimate Haida Gwaii Adventure

Within this ultimate Haida Gwaii experience, imagine 3 nights engulfed by nature at the floating Ocean House followed by 4 nights immersed in culture at the land-based Haida House at Tllaal. These very distinctive regions will captivate you through your discovery of the supernatural beauty of old-growth forests, dramatic shorelines thriving with wildlife, ancient village site of SGang Gwaay and traditions of the Haida people.

Starting at $8810/Guest (airfare included)
opens 2018

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Group Packages

Group & Corporate Packages

Do you have a group of friends or colleagues looking for a unique getaway? Contact us for information and special rates. We feature first-class venues on land and water and we’d be delighted to help you plan that distinctive retreat, eco-adventure trip, employee rewards vacation, educational symposium or think-tank getaway.

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